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Player Ranks

Player Ranks


CreeperCraft provides players with a standard rank along with the option to buy a premium rank






   (0 Hours)

•   ***Default  Player Rank

•   ***FREE BUILD and Multiple Worlds

•   Access ALL WORLDS!

•   Create claims using GriefPrevention!

•   Access to Craftbook mechanics!*

•   Access to creating Shopkeepers!

•   Access to Essentials!* 

•   Access to Postal service!

•   Ability to marry players!

•   Ability to earn cosmetic items through Gadgetstmenu!

•   Sethome (1 total+bed)

•   Rank Upgradable to Donor 

*Certain commands will be limited for this rank...

Premium Ranks




▪    Multiple Set-homes (15 total)

▪    Access to /fly!

▪    Access to /nick! 

▪    Access to /skull! 

▪    Ability to use color chat and sign color formatting!

▪    Access to SignEdit (Copy/Paste, Color Signs)!

▪    Access to all Craftbook mechanics!*

▪    Access to ALL Gadgets, including Wardrobe!* 

▪    Access to creating (10) Shopkeepers! 

▪    Exclusive access to /pets!* 

▪    Ranks Upgradable at anytime (Pay difference) 

*Certain features are disabled for server purposes or because they need to be unlocked...




▪    PLUS [VIP] benefits!

▪    Ability to set multiple homes (30 total)

▪    Access to /hat

▪    Access to /clearinventory!

▪    Access to bypass teleport cooldown and timer!  

▪    Ability to create (15) shopkeepers!

▪    **Exclusive** Access to /tpa and /tpahere!

▪    **Exclusive** Access to ALL /pets!

▪    **Exclusive** Access to ALL Gadgets, including Disco armor!

▪    **Exclusive** Access to AFK kick exempt!




Rank Upgrade Donations & Group Pay
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