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Lets get the party started!

summer 2017

Hey CC players, we've got some exciting and relaxing things planned this summer. Join us this July 4th our annual summer event and to celabrate independence day! We will make an announcement shortly later this month with details about the event. Make sure to join us and get your feet wet!


Extra, Extra, read all about it! 

Hello CC players! 

I hope you all are having a wonderful February thus far. I've been noticing a slight decline in player count this past month, so I have decided to invest in the server! During the week of Spring Break I will be offering a total of $60 in gift cards to players who invite friends, family members, and acquaintances to the server. More info plus a video will be out before the Spring Break week, but this is just an informational post to remind player that we're still a functioning server (so come on and play!) and we've moved a bit of things around: 

- GriefPrevention REMOVED

- Towny ADDED! 

- Lockette ADDED! 

- More changes in-game! 

The biggest update is the addition of Towny and Lockette. If you're an active player on the server, I'd advise you to lock your chests because they're unprotected right now! See you on :-) 


[VIP] UnS33N_ReBeL Premium Nice. Out of curiosity, whats the normal amount of players online on average? I ask because I have not played in a while...

Changing hosts...

[Owner] Donnie aStaff posted Dec 28, 16

We're changing server hosts! 

Hey everyone, 

You may have noticed that while the server is still up, its whitelisted. This is because i'm switching over to a different server host. In the meantime please use our forums to discuss the server changes and add anything you'd like to say about the progress. See you soon! 


My gift to you all...

[Owner] Donnie aStaff posted Dec 22, 16

Merry Christmas! 

If you weren't aware, Creepercraft has been undergoing some remodeling these couple of weeks. We are in the process of tidying up the final bits and pieces, but otherwise the server is ready for you all! Join us for our grand re-opening this December 23rd 2016 @1pm EST; we'll have a drop party, introductions, a Q&A, and more! Check out the video down below for more info: 

Creepercraft Christmas Surpise

Server changes...

[Owner] Donnie aStaff posted Dec 1, 16

Hey all, 

My apologies for not posing in quiet some time- busy with school and all. I am planning on re-doing Creepercraft and will commence starting mid December. The current map will be reset, but rest assured that I will provide a link to a google drive. Please stay tuned for more information and I hope you all have a great rest of the year!